Funded by the European Union and France for a total budget of 590 050€

Our mission

Mouta’alleq is a European-Union & France funded action to help 200 ex combatants and their relatives, among them 20% are women, to (re)gain a job or create an enterprise, and thus, get the capacity to lay down their arms and get back to a balanced civilian life. The project aims at supporting those 200 combatants in the Cities of Zintan and Misrata, Libya, through the provision of vocational training, entrepreneurship sensitization and grants.

Throughout the project, the support to ex combatants is realized through:

Enabling ex combatants get out of their militia lives is of strategic importance in Libya; As the regular army will probably not be in capacity of integrating them, finding a viable escape way for this population is a major stake for post-war Libya.

Founding enterprises, getting training and finding jobs could be a positive and fruitful solution to this issue.

Libya faces a major crisis in employment, and more broadly, in its economic development for many reasons.

In strengthening the capacities of ex combatants and their relatives to find or create jobs, Mouta’alleq contributes to pave the way for a national economy that will be more able to offer perspectives to its youth. This is also of crucial importance for Libya’s future in peace.

Mission report

We have developed a tech-based solution to real-time monitor the impact of the donor’s fund and the value for money of the project. At the end of the mission, you can also find here a end-of-mission reporting with regular operational and statistical reports.

Full impact.
Full transparency.


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