Libya Start-Up

Funded by the European Union and implemented by Super-Novae in partnership with Spark, for a total budget of 5.5 million €.

Our mission

The project aims to provide long-term support to business development in Libya by establishing mechanisms that are sustainable through replication, multiplication and transfer. Targeting 700 beneficiaries by implementing different activities and programs, as well as facilitating access to finance for start-ups by setting-up innovative funding schemes.

The Start-up act is the result of a bottom-up approach to foster entrepreneurship and represents the first step to establish the country as a digital hub

A focus will be made on gender to ensure equal participation and therefore equal access to services on entrepreneurship for both genders

Many talented and potential entrepreneurs don’t have access to the right networks, trainings and services, because they are located in less accessible areas

To spot and support those entrepreneurs all around Libya, Libya Start-Up is creating a network of incubators in  Misrata, Sabha, Al Bayda, Tobruk

Each city will host a satellite, with a space especially refurbished with incubators style to reflect an innovative environment and will be used for events, bootcamps and host alumni

Mission report

We have developed a tech-based solution to real-time monitor the impact of the donor’s fund and the value for money of the project. At the end of the mission, you can also find here a end-of-mission reporting with regular operational and statistical reports.

Full impact.
Full transparency.


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