The project, funded by France for a total budget of 350.000 €

Our mission

Bidaya is a France founded project to improve economic prospects for 200 young Yemenis of the Aden region, through employment and entrepreneurship. The action aims to provide a skill development program to 200 young Yemenis of the Aden region, generate economic opportunities for the beneficiaries of the project and support the establishment of long-standing capacities in Aden to provide assistance to entrepreneurs


In  order to have a clear and comprehensive view on the existing and potential market for labour, we conducted a Labour Market Analysis in Aden and its immediate surroundings, focusing on Yemeni youths and identifying key sectors and / or activities most likely to offer meaningful employment in the present and the post-conflict environment.
We also asked for an Assessment of Youth Perception, Aspiration, and Beliefs on Employment and Entrepreneurship in Aden governorate, to capture data on young Yemenis’(aged 18 to 35) preferences and aspirations in terms of career choices and the internal constraints to productive employment and starting up businesses. The study, conducted by Datum, aims to investigate personal beliefs and social norms that determine such aspirations.

By partnering with essential local players, the project is realized through:

At a strategic time for the country,  Bidaya aims to strengthen and develop specific sectors of the economy to bring out a pool of jobs, thus support the sustainable integration of youth into the job market.

To do so, the program will support the delivery of local trainings in certain fields for the beneficiaries, to facilitate their induction into the labor market.

Together with private sectors protagonists, young aspiring entrepreneurs, institutional stakeholders, it opens the way to innovative economic initiatives and intends, through these means, to actively engage in the stabilization of the country and its economic recovery.

Mission report

We have developed a tech-based solution to real-time monitor the impact of the donor’s fund and the value for money of the project. At the end of the mission, you can also find here a end-of-mission reporting with regular operational and statistical reports.

Full impact.
Full transparency.


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