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Combining the best of human brains to innovative data visualization solutions

Our experts combine more than a century of experience in designing and initiating social, economic and environmental positive change. We have the know-how to work in transition, conflict and post conflict areas, gained in international organizations, bilateral development agencies and the private sector.

Supernovae’s members combine the best of human brains to technological solutions to implement impact-oriented projects which can be monitored on-line on real time.

Our Manifesto

The private sector, and private investment more broadly, has the potential to foster stability, peace and social inclusiveness. The private sector’s contributions to economic development, green innovation, infrastructures reinforcement and the supply of goods and services are now well recognized by development actors.

The lack of economic opportunities and high unemployment exacerbate other fragility, conflict and violence drivers. To address this, a vibrant and inclusive private sector, which also takes into account the need for an eco-sustainable shift, can ignite economic growth, provide jobs and services, help stabilize societies and make them the main actors of a greener and fairer world: It is through vocational training, support to entrepreneurial activities, incentive for green innovations, that we aim at promote youth economic empowerment.

In conflict-affected areas, being active in the labor market is not only about accessing a fixed income, but also about reintegrating into civilian life, with opportunities other than taking up arms as a means of subsistence.

Impact & Transparency come first

We commit to impact, as the international & national development agencies do. To ensure transparency, we display real-time monitoring tools to measure the results and impact of our work.

And because working in challenging environments needs to have clear and reassuring standard operating procedures for our donors, our internal procedures are based on international best practices especially the EU manual PRAG. The auditing firm Donnadieu & Associés, specialized in supporting international aid organizations, advises Super Novae’s management in this regard.

A network of international development experts

We mobilize a board of internationally recognized  international development aid figures, and network of international expert professionals specialized in delivering change solutions in conflict areas, to  implement projects while taking into account the specific requirements of countries in conflict, emerging from conflict, or in transition.

All together, responding to the climate emergency, we believe that organizations like ours must set an example, which is why we have taken steps to raise staff awareness, encourage responsible attitudes, and launch initiatives to achieve more eco-friendly practices to help create a cleaner environment for a better future.

These values are also reflected through our projects: awareness of sustainable development, training entrepreneurs in business and sustainable development, support for green entrepreneurship

To align our development policy and our values, we have set up an environmental charter  that aims to show that preserving the environment does not hamper business growth, and can even become an asset.

Full impact.
Full transparency.


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